Currently, we are active in Darkland, Bocas del Toro, Panama, implementing diverse initiatives to enhance the economic well-being of rural families.

WE ARE A COMPANY WITH INFLUENCE IN OUR ANCESTRAL TERRITORIES OF FARMERS, both men and women from rural areas who have joined forces to explore alternative rural development with a human and territorial focus in Panama. We were founded in 1972 with a strong commitment to building peace and providing access to livelihood alternatives for thousands of families.

At present, we have a presence in Darkland, Bocas del Toro, from which we undertake various initiatives to strengthen the economy of families in the rural sector.

We have a skilled human team in various fields, with the capacity and experience to support, advise, and train rural, peasant, and urban communities in the implementation of their business, economic, social, environmental, cultural, and political projects focused on the participatory construction of peace and development

Quality Policy

«Finca Don Andrés» is committed to rural development with a human-centered approach through collective management, with a primary focus on the production of organic cocoa, managing cultivation to mitigate socio-environmental risks.


  • Continuously improve the quality management system.
  • Preserve flavors and traditions to achieve an organic origin harvest.
  • Utilize highly qualified inputs and elements, always caring for the environment.
  • Make a positive impact on local communities through the development of this cultivation.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction.

What we do

At «FINCA DON ANDRES«, we work with a social purpose in everything we do, emphasizing the human being as the architect of their development. Focusing our processes in harmony with nature and its components, we operate with a territorial approach, and our actions are grounded in the collective construction of development. We aim to strengthen comprehensive inclusion, social agreements, and social fabric.